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Disease & Pain Management

Disease & Pain Management

CP Home Care understands the special needs of those suffering from the effects of chronic disease and chronic pain. Too often, individuals believe that their condition means an end to their independence, but there are alternatives.

At CP Home Care we help our clients achieve the best possible quality of life through professional, effective disease and pain management that allows them to remain in their homes.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that chronic disease accounts for 70 % of all deaths in the United States, which adds up to 1.7 million annually. Additionally, an Institute of Medicine study determined that more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

CP Home Care recognizes the serious impact of chronic disease and pain on our aging population. To address these needs, we have developed a comprehensive at-home plan for managing diseases and painful conditions that have become chronic.  

Our professional caregivers have the knowledge and experience to implement management strategies that meet the individual needs of our clients. They are well skilled at providing these individuals and their families with the information and knowledge to control chronic conditions after home care ends.


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