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CP Home Care Testimonials

Just wanted to thank Connie with your Tyler agency for helping our office with patient home health care. I reached out for information and within 24 hours a marketing representative came by our office. I shared what needs our patients have and they have accommodated these needs and reached out to our patient’s to establish Home Care. Connie has followed up with me as well to make sure we are happy and our patient’s needs are taken care of. The marketer even brought us Starbucks one day to say thanks . . . We love CP Home Care!!
 ~ M. Stiles, PA at Pulmonary Specialists of Tyler, Tyler, Texas

The service at CP Home Care of Tyler is very good and thorough, does everything that they are supposed to do. They check my vitals, blood sugar, makes sure that everything is okay, and double check all my medication. I wouldn’t know what my medicines were if it wasn’t for them. I would recommend them to anyone who needs home health.
 ~ B. Glover Tyler, Texas

Krista was a very special part of my sister’s recovery from heart surgery. I really don’t know what I would have done without her. Nancy came home from the hospital in a terrible state, unable to walk and we thought she needed both of her knees replaced.  Nancy was in rehab for 2 months then she returned home.  When Krista started caring for her she was all cheery and smiles, such an ANGEL to us both.  She got Nancy’s diet straightened out as well as her medications and explained a lot of what was going on with her so we were all on the same page.  Nancy started feeling better, losing weight and has continued that regime ever since.  To this day, Nancy and Krista stay in touch and she remains our angel.
 ~ S. Whatley, Tyler, Texas

I look forward to the visits from the professional caregivers at CP Home Care of Houston.  Not only are they professional but they always come with a smile and words of encouragement.
 ~ J. Baker, Friendswood, Texas

I think CP Home Care is the greatest. I have learned more from the nurses and therapists about my disease than I have from anyone else. I have learned about the importance of breathing properly and exercise. The therapists and nurses have played a huge part in my healing.
 ~ D. Ritz, Tyler, Texas

I look forward to seeing my nurse every week. She always puts a smile on my face and addresses any questions I have.
 ~ E. Bishop, Tyler, Texas

I am very happy with the services I have received from CP Home Care of Tyler. My nurse, Emily is courteous and respectful during home visits. I feel if I had a problem at home I could always call her and she would respond right away.
 ~ P. Mayfield , Tyler, Texas

The care from CP Home care is exceptional. My nurse Emily is the best. You can’t find better care around.
 ~ W. Williams, Tyler, Texas

CP Home Care of Tyler had a very quick turnaround time for a Saturday start of care, after receiving a referral late Friday afternoon. I would use CP Home Care of Tyler in the future.
 ~ Nora K. RN Case Manager at ETMC Jacksonville, Texas

I received excellent care from CP Home Care, Brittany was very knowledgeable in my wound care, knew exactly what needed to be ordered and contacted my doctor. Very satisfied. Would definitely use CP Home Care again in the future, if I ever require home care.  
 ~ Frank S. Big Sandy, Texas

I wish I could get my sister on with y’all. I really enjoy having my nurses come. Brittany and Connie are wonderful. Connie was very diligent on helping me get my provider stuff up and going. I am very grateful for that. I would have given up without y’all. I highly recommend them.
 ~ S. Hampton Tyler, Texas

These few months have been so difficult for us.  But God is watching over us by sending angels from CP Home Care.
 ~ Johnny and Theressa

Thank you CP Home Care for taking such good care of me.
 ~ Elizabeth

“Thank you so much CP Home Care, I’m so grateful for this Christmas meal donation. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with the cancer thing, and I’m not use to having people help me. Bless you guys for everything you have done. Yall are going to make me cry because I needed this, Thank you!!”
 ~ D. Ross

 “Thank you very much for this meal donation. CP Home Care is great and the nurses are wonderful and take great care of me.  I really do appreciate all of you!  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.”
 ~ W. Austin

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